About us

About Us

How it all began….

It had been a custom for Karin and Jason Hirsch to take a creative class every fall together, such as pottery, painting or other art projects. In 2013 they chose soap making. Everything started with taking this class. After supplying their family and friends with a lifelong supply of soaps and candles and receiving awesome feedback about their products, Karin and Jason decided to go and think bigger.

They created Hirschbar in 2014 and started selling their products online, in local retail shops, at farmers markets and arts & crafts shows.

With corporate backgrounds in IT and Industrial Design the development of new products was a familiar business venture for them with unexpected fun and creativity, especially doing it together. Karin’s background also involves Feng Shui and Shamanic Healing and the connection was made between new products, the power of perception through our senses & higher self and beneficial energy. (If you want to learn more about Feng Shui and invisible energies please visit her site at www.lotuslivingspace.com)

The important goal for Karin and Jason is to create sustainable products that uplift the senses, contain only natural elements that vibrate on a high level and offer products that are blessed with abundant positive energy, such as their Chakra candles, Shamanic candles, TCM 5 element soaps and Chakra soaps. When you are surrounded with positive vibrations you will elevate your own frequency.

Hirschbar only uses natural and sustainable oils, butters and waxes. Their collected knowledge about essential oils and herbs also assist them in creating the most balanced and enjoyable products.

Where does the deer hoof in the logo come from?

Many years ago Karin had repeating dreams about deer. Back then she still lived in her native country Germany and had no idea what they meant. Years later after she moved to the United States for career reasons she met Jason. Well his last name was Hirsch, and Hirsch in German means deer. Long story short they got married and became proud “parents” of a pack of deer that lives in their back yard since many years. The pack inspired them to choose this logo. The deer is a symbol of their common spirit animal.


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