About Our Candles

About Our Candles – Soot

We at Hirschbar use only responsibly sourced and harvested soy and palm waxes to manufacture our candles.  This is a bit more expensive to produce, but we think it’s worth it.

The candles that you know very well that are extremely aromatic and still quite expensive use paraffin wax and a TON of fragrance.  That leads to something like this:

about our candles - soot

This is soot and as well as covering the walls of this candle holder, it will also cover your ceilings, walls, curtains and probably find it’s way on and into your body.

Soy and Palm wax candles burn very cleanly with very little soot.   If you think about it, paraffin wax is a petroleum based product so it stands to reason that they may not burn as cleanly as the alternatives.  Please do not misunderstand, paraffin is completely safe to burn in your home and there are plenty of articles to back this up such as here.  We just find that the overall performance of soy and palm, or even beeswax, to be a better overall experience when considering the use of natural products.

About our Candles – Fragrance

We do not overload our candles with cheap fragrances that also can burn uncleanly.  We aim for a nice fragrance that doesn’t overpower the senses.  Soy and Palm waxes also have a shorter fragrance “throw” meaning that due to the porousness of the wax compared to a paraffin wax, the fragrance will not disperse as much.  Some brands that will remain nameless, have great fragrance throw due to the use of paraffin wax and a high percentage of fragrance to wax.  Hirschbar also uses a blend of fragrance oils mixed with real essential oils to give a nice balanced fragrance that works well with natural waxes.

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